Halloween Costumes: “Sexy” anything

The trend for several years has been to see which ordinary costume could be made into “sexy” and if a woman would really buy/wear it. It seemed harmless enough with “sexy nurse/firefighter/cop/teacher”, or “sexy dog/cat/tiger/etc”, but recently it seems there is an “anything goes” approach to a sexy-style costume. Because really….who doesn’t want to see the Statue of Liberty’s garters?

Here’s a “sexy inanimate object”…A remote control! It’s pink so the ladies will just love it. And followed by my favorite “Sexy Referee”….words fail me

But, for those with a little more imagination (which is what Halloween costumes are about), I have found some interesting and creative costumes that may appeal to a woman with a more tasteful sense of style without losing the “sex”.

Let’s start with the old classic wicked witch. There are many types and they have been portrayed in stories for hundreds of years. Commonly dressed in black, but really…its all about the accessories!

Another traditional Halloween costume are fairies, but that doesn’t mean you have to look “cute and pretty”

but if you do want to look stunning check out these wings by Renae Taylor

Last but not least are the traditional fairy tales like this one of Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White pictured below in a gorgeous red knit coat and steam punk style corset.

And of course Alice in Wonderland

If a full on costume is too much commitment then perhaps a mask is all you need.

Whatever you decide to dress up as this Halloween (or not) be safe, have fun, and get creative!


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