What are those supposed to be?

I just finished up a wonderful craft weekend at Bazaar Bizarre in the San Francisco Concourse where I debuted my new line of crinoline hair fascinators.


My crinolines are what I like to call “free form” fascinators. They are all hand made unique designs that come from just playing with how the crinoline can be manipulated and what strange shapes I can get it to twist into. I then add in feathers and/or flowers to it which help define the space and shape.

Working with this crinoline with the silver lines was interesting as they made their own shapes with the curls and swirls to create patterns of their own.

A common question I get is “How do you wear these?” The answer is….however it suits you, and is most comfortable. They are very light, but since they take up unusual space it depends on what feels “right” in your eyes. Here are a couple photos of me modeling my favorites.


The vintage fascinators and hats were often worn perched on the side or top of the head. With my creations I am trying to be more modern, and yet still be recognized as a vintage style. I really do enjoy making these, and my signature “mohawk” style is a favorite for women of all ages to try on and see how it transforms them.

If anyone would like to come and play dress up with some of my fascinators I will be at West Oakland’s Crucible Holiday Gifty Art Sale and show this weekend. There will be live demonstrations, fire art performances, and music. Come out and support your local indie businesses!

Saturday, December 10, 2011 • 12PM to 6PM
Sunday, December 11, 2011 • 12PM to 4PM
FREE Admission

Here is a link of other Vendors


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