a few of my favorite things this week

As I get back on track to signing up for craft fairs, creating new designs and accessories I have been needing some inspiration to get me going. Having gone to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Yosemite, CA in January my mind is abuzz with colors and natural lines.

Here are some wonderful and inspiring designs to tickle the creative process. First up is a chess set cut from a single branch. Originally made for use while Peter Marigold was working at NKD in Norway, they were derived from the first Man Made project (created while there) in which a single piece of wood was used to create a piece of furniture. The final dimensions therefore, being partially determined by available material, rather than planned in advance.

I use a lot of felt in my projects and when I stumbled across this lovely idea it made me smile. This flat-pack Honey Lampshade by The Small Green Company captures a beautiful bee-hive inspired form that settles into its full shape after hanging for a few days.

I am loving these unique jewelry designs by mukee designs a Denver based company that transforms old skateboards into earrings, belt buckles and necklaces.

The next designer is Valérie Pache who makes clothing from recycled parachutes and paraglider sails. The colors and patterns she combines are so vibrant and fun they remind me of a warm day in Mexico. The idea that she is giving a second life to this unusual material and often combining it with other recycled fabrics is not only thinking green, but fashion forward.


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