Monday Eco-Wear

Here are three new favorite items in Green eco-fashion I’d like to share with you. First up are these amazing stiletto heels with a ballet flat insert for those of us who hate pain, but love design.

Nael Coce’s initial product, “AmbiPlaform”, is a convertible high heel to flat shoe that allows an individual to wear a high heel shoe with a built in flat shoe that can be removed and worn alone for comfort. It combines trendy, supportive, and antibacterial features.

Available in Black and Gold

My next find are these wonderful bags made by Carmina Campus for MINI. These are made from remnants of the MINI Roadster car made by Italian fashion designers under the direction of Fendi. Each bag has a special element such as a car handle or seatbelt.

Beautiful, recycled and fashion-forward what more could a girl ask for?

Last, but not least is this collection of clothing from Burning Torch a company in LA founded by designer Karyn Craven who has made recycled vintage clothing into something fresh and new.

I love her mission of sustainability, preservation and artistry that is so apparent in her designs and company. To re-purpose the old and make it fashion-forward and new again is something to aspire to.


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