Bouquets to Arts 2012

This amazing and unique floral extravaganza is happening right now until Friday March 16th! Go to the De Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to experience modern art combined with the creative floral artists we have in the Bay Area. Each artist or group draws their inspiration from one piece of art and designs a floral arrangement to accompany it. Often the arrangements become literal translations made out of ephemeral natural materials, and some times they are just vague interpretations following the theme or colors found in the art. Not all are fantastic unique creations, but there are some artists I just absolutely adored. I have been going to this exhibit for over 10 years now and it is always a treat so see people using such interesting materials.

First up is this piece “Floreal” by Dominique Pfah. It goes with Robert Motherwells “Music over Music, 1981”

Artists comments were, “I saw the musician’s instruments, chords and notes coming out like fireworks of music, bursting amongst the Geraldine roses, the white anemones, and the cymbidium orchids, enhanced bu hypericum berries. Let the music play…..”

Another one of my favorites is this piece by Alena Barragan from Alena Jean

Her very spring arrangement bursting with beautiful tulips, baby’s breath, hydrangea, yellow billy balls, white scabiosa and blossoming branches went along with the painting by George Fuller “Girl and Calf (Led through meadows), 1883”

Just beautiful.

I believe that this next painting by Robert Henri’s “Lady in Black with Spanish Scarf (O in Black with a Scarf), 1910” always has an arrangement next to it every year so its exciting to see different people’s interpretations of it. This year Natalie Bowen Designs went minimalist with a unique 3-D sculpture

Her comments were, “Our inspiration was the regal elegance and the delicate presence of “O”. The artist achieved beautiful depth and height with a minimal use of color.

Materials: Calla lillies, freesia, hot rolled steel bar and plate, and wire.

Last, but not least is this beautiful arrangement in the Tower Lobby. The sculpture is by Ruth Asawa. The arrangement has gorgeous calla lillies, ti-leaf wrapped circles, and copper wire balls. So bold and whimsical and goes really well with the wire sculpture hanging above.

I highly recommend checking out Bouquets to Art it is so inspiring.

For more photos please go here!


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