Gorgeous Eco-Fashion Monday

I am in love with these designs by Shadowplay NYC an independent label based in New York City. Founded by two “space obsessed” Parsons students Ximena Chouza and Ali Bennaim each one of a kind design is inspired and printed digitally with actual images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope bringing gas clouds and star clusters to our everyday lives.

Rapanui is an eco-fashion brand from the Isle of Wight. They make mens organic clothing and womens organic clothes. Award winning ethical fashion is made from organic, natural fabrics in an ethical, wind powered factory.

Another company I admire is Edun a global fashion brand bringing about positive change through its trading relationship with Africa.

Such lovely LBD’s!

Last, but not least is Maude Couture a Charleston based company whose mission is to produce clothes in a responsible manner as well as to manufacture in the United States, pay fair prices and support the citizens and economy. They also try to use fabrics and trims from sustainable fibers as well as reclaimed and recycled materials.

I am also loving her Bridal line that are one-of-a-kind, locally made and eco-friendly.


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