The meaning of time with photographic collages

I have always been intrigued and in awe of those artists who create photomontages or photocollages to interpret time passing and how the world around us can be understood. Starting with my all time favorite David Hockney who started creating his photographic collages with Polaroids in 1982.

Still Life Blue Guitar, 1982 composite polaroid, 24 1/2 x 30 in.

He also created more abstract and thought-provoking photo collages. I get lost in these images and can geek out on them for a long time. As a photography student I was once assigned to create my own “Hockney”, and let me tell you its a hard concept to grasp and then deliver on.

Merced River,Yosemite Valley, Sept. 1982 photographic collage, 52×61 in.

Photographing Annie Leibovitz While She’s Photographing Me, Mojave Desert, Feb.1983  photographic collage, edition: 4,  25 7/8 x 61 3/4 in.

Another wonderful artist who uses photo collage is Nerhol an artist unit created in 2007 comprised of Ryuta Iida and Yoshihisa Tanaka whose art is an experiment in artistic expression. By layering and reconstructing 2D art into 3D it encourages the audience to touch and explore new possibilities.

I encourage you to click on the link and really zoom in on the incredible details of their images.

Finally I’d like to talk about my newest find Scott Hazard. His abstract images are constructed by tearing and layering photographs to create things such as smoke, clouds, and portals in walls. This project is called “Photo Construct” and I find it so whimsical and lovely.

Cloud Chamber, 2011

Landscape: Threshole

His work inspires me to think deeper into my own photography and what possibilities there are for it as a way to gain understanding in our world today.


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