My finds this week: Fantasy Art and Architecture

Today’s rainy Wednesday makes me wish I lived in this amazing building with a “singing wall” that plays music when it pours out. “Court of Water” is designed by Heike Bottcher Architecture and it is made of funnels and tubes that create hydro music when rain collects and comes down the side of the house. Click on the photo below to see the video of it in action.

I am all for recycling, but Aurora Robson takes it to another level with her imaginative creations using PET bottles and non-toxic water-based colors that are airbrushed on. The sculptures have been so altered from their original form that you would never know they were made from trash.

One of my all-time favorite sci-fi stories of all time is Dune by Frank Herbert and his desert-dwelling creatures the Sandworms. So when I saw this fantastic installation by Marco Casagrande I couldn’t stop smiling.

This beautiful structure is made from dried woven willow and it stretches out on the Belgian shores of Wenduine. It creates an airy tunnel with diffused shade and lovely light patterns as you walk through it.

I am in love with this mystical art installation by Rob Mulholland of mirror sculptures that reflect and project the land surrounding them. They are placed in an area of Scotland that was once farmed, but after WWI it was used for lumber therefore displacing the human inhabitants.

Rob Mulholland’s idea that “The human desire to leave a trace of one-self for future generations has always intrigued me. It’s a driving force to create and leave a semblance of ourselves as individuals and society. The reflective figures that asks us to look again and consider the symbiotic relationship we have with our natural and man-made environment.” 

Maia Anthea Marinelli’s Wind Playground is a kinetic sculpture that allows people to play with and understand wind. Built with the same colorful material as windsurf and kite sails, Wind Playground is “Venturi effect”  in a 57 x 65 foot wide by 18 foot tall “party dress”.

At the moment this is a project to be funded via Kickstarter. I love this created image of it on the Playa. The Black Rock Arts Foundation has given the Wind Playground a grant, and in 2012 it will hopefully be there giving some shade and support from the blowing wind and dust storms.

Amsterdam-based Ronald van der Meijs has just completed a project called Sound Architecture IV that is made from re purposed bicycle bells set on steel pins. As the wind picks up they gently ring against each other making each breeze have its own unique song.


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