New exhibit: Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young

Last Friday I went to San Francisco’s De Young museum and had my mind blown by the new Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture fashion exhibit. It is an experience I hope anyone in the Bay Area will treat themselves to. From men in skirts to Madonna’s infamous conical bras, Jean Paul Gaultier’s innovations have always pushed the conventional boundaries of fashion.

There are a few things that makes this exhibit so unique. First when you walk in you notice something odd about the mannequins….they appear to be blinking, looking and talking! Jean Paul Gaultier used projections to 3-D map videos onto the faces that along with a pre-recorded audio track gives the installation an eerie quality as though they were alive.

Madonna with Jean Paul Gaultier photographed by Herb Ritts.

There is an entire room dedicated to this fantastical cone bra he created for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour in 1990. It is so iconic and ironic at the same time it has been branded into our fashion consciousness forever.

In 2006 he created the costumes for her Confessions world tour and several outfits can be seen in this exhibit.

Out of 140 creations this beautiful wedding gown was one of my top picks for this exhibit. So over the top and mystical.

The details of Haute Couture, and the number of hours it takes to complete each piece are extraordinary and can only really be appreciated in person. I highly recommend you go and see this at once!


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