Stacked food, bottled flowers and new Green designs to start off the week

I am loving the photography of Raw Color a Dutch design duo working with Martin Creed on a project to overhaul the London restaurant Sketch. From re imagining the menu in giant still life portraits to the furniture, this must be a fabulous environment to dine!

Next is a series by Azuma Makoto “Bottle Flower” who’s social comment about the floral industry and concept of preserving (or “embalming”) the flowers is a thought provoking topic among floral designers whose livelihood depends on ending the life of plants.

It’s been a great start to the week for environmental design at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2012 in NYC. I am in love with these modular magnetic holders from Urbio that are an easy way for urban dwellers to create vertical gardens on their walls while also organizing things like pens, tsotchkes and utensils.

This just makes me smile. Airframe by James Kim

More Clicky links:

Who doesn’t love balloons? Check out these amazing Japanese Premium Beef displays by Balloon Factory.

A fabulous sculpture by FarmGroup at the Siam Center, I say heck  Yeah!

See Lady Cora Crawley from Downton Abbey in a gorgeous ivory certified-organic silk gown by Gucci

Favorite Pinterist boards this week:  Oh joy!, Chad Syme, and Chong Design


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