Message in a Bottle and other unique designs

In adoration of this sweet and simple idea by Saburo Sakata a Japanese company that designs stationary.

 Store many messages up to 2GB in this digitally reincarnation of the romantic message-in-a-bottle.

How fun would it be to see this washed up on shore?

This is an awesome hotel in Chile that caters to the astronomy lover. Elqui Domos has 7 geodesic domes that are two stories with a detachable roof for the incredible views you see in the Southern  Hemisphere sky.

Designer James Dive has created an art exhibit for the launch of Nissan’s new Leaf AV electric car transforming gas pumps into guitar amps, popcorn machines, green houses etc. Entitled “A World without Petrol” it is on display in Melbourne.

You can vote on your favorite design here

This Moses Bridge in the Netherlands was created by RO&AD Architecture a seemingly invisible bridge that divides the water in Halsteren. It must be so fun to cross the water and yet feel as though you are traveling through it not over it.

Spring has always been the time for mosquitos and this is why I am very interested in Frederick Ochanda (a post doctoral associate at Cornell) and Matilda Ceesay’s (fellow student) new design of a bodysuit that can repel the little bastards. It is impregnated with insecticides at the nano-level and designed to be worn all day, and unlike spray on skin-based repellents the molecular bonds do not break and wear off. Not only is it functional but they have created very stylish and beautiful clothing that any woman would be proud and happy to wear.


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