Starting off the week with Inflatable Sculptures, Silicone Leaf plates and the amazing Treehotel

Max Streicher‘s amazing inflatable sculptures were a great distraction from the fact that its Monday….

The next design of “serving artware” I am in favor of as they are not only lovely to look at, but durable and food-safe. Nao Tamura “Seasons” serving ware collection is inspired by nature and technology. Each leaf is unique and can be rolled up for easy storing, microwave and dishwasher safe. $80 for  a set of 4

Sweden’s Treehotel is a wonderful way to spend some time in nature in a unique way. There are 5 treerooms and my favorite right now is the Mirrorcube where the building seems to blend right into the surrounding forest located near Harads.

Second favorite would be The UFO.

The daily operations as well as the tree room’s construction are environmentally friendly, aimed to have minimal impact on nature. That’s why each room has modern, environmentally-friendly combustion toilets and water-efficient sinks.

More clicky-links to check out:

 In awe of Emily Steel’s LED light up dress.

Takeshi Hosaka’s amazing “Inside-Out House

Artist Nick Stern’s photographs recreating Banksy’s famous graffiti art

Need a snack? How about some deep fried gadgets brought to you by Henry Hargreaves. His social comment on consumers, their consumption of the “newest thing” is brought to you with incredible photography.


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