Transit of Venus and time

Though it is not as showy as a lunar or solar eclipse the transit of Venus across the sun will not come again in our lifetime. It seems appropriate to reflect on the meaning of time and how in 2117 when it comes around again that an entirely unborn generation will be looking at it. Difficult to comprehend when so many people barely know what they will be doing next year or even next month, but one thing is for sure the solar system will still be here spinning and moving through space long after we are all gone.

“The sky is the original clock and it has always reminded humans that there are times and cycles that dwarf our own. Now that we have become a global culture whose actions affect the planet on time scales of centuries or more, that kind of reminder couldn’t be more … well … timely.”  Adam Frank, NPR

One of the reasons I love being a photographer is to capture that moment and freeze time if only for memory’s sake. I’ve been browsing through flickr again and came up with some great examples of the meaning of time for your viewing pleasure…..

I would like to decline the concept of time by Bronx

The Oval, Racetrack Death Valley by Atencio Photography

You look like a thousand suns by Amanda Mabel

Is time linear? by Phillip Klinger

And finally a stop motion of the stars moving through a night sky by  Don Jensen


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