Kung Fu Tai Chi: Inspiration

In preparation for an upcoming event I will be photographing Kung Fu Tai Chi at, I am getting inspired by what I’ve seen on Flickr this week.

Kung Fu Tai Chi by ifdef

Fighting on the rocks by Andrea Landini who has some amazing photos in this series.

Split kick by Peter Tsai

This is technically Wushu not Tai Chi, but its beautiful nonetheless by Mark Teoz

Kung Fu exercise by ngchongkin

by Super Juan

The Grasshopper by Riva Uy

Tai Chi Master on the Great Wall of China by kk+

I am going to be at the Tiger Claw Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine’s 4th annual championship this Saturday at San Jose McEnery Convention Center. As well as on Sunday for the Kung Fu Tai Chi appreciation day they are having at Cesar Chavez Park downtown.

For more info about the tournament click here

Here’s hoping my shots turn out interesting too!



  1. dalzellphoto

    These are all very cool but expect differently! These are all using lighting set ups to be able to freeze the action and I’m assuming they’ll be doing sparring? Which means you’ll probably get even cooler shots of actual combat instead of staged poses. 🙂

    • Rae

      After 9 hours shooting on Saturday and another 4 on Sunday my eyes are wide open to the world of Kung Fu Tai Chi. Not much sparring (unlike Karate), mostly forms and routines, but the highlight of the event was the 40 Grandmasters from China all doing 3 minute routines of their specialties one right after the other…such a treat, cannot wait to sift through all my photos and post!

      • dalzellphoto

        Really? That is so cool, I’ll definitely be looking forward to your posts! Wasn’t sure if there would be sparring, I did karate for a while and that was the best part of doing it, getting to spar each other.

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