Etsy finds: Eco Jewelry and Accessories

Searching on Etsy can be overwhelming, but within the thousands of sellers there are some real artists admidst the resellers from China. You just gotta know the right keywords….

First up is an acquaintance of mine Jeannine Komush owner and creator of Tangleweeds. I love her designs and how she uses up-cycled leather from old purses, shoes, belts etc. to give them a new life.

These adorable clutches designed by Sea Oats are made from scratch with reclaimed and scrap fabrics. All the screen prints are made with water-based and environmentally safe inks.

Next up is a recycled jean fabric necklace by Etsy seller  Love and Dream. You can also read her blog post “Quit your day job” here

This ring is just stunning from Etsy seller Saedis Bauer Halldorsdottir from Iceland. She uses recycled precious metals and fair trade gemstones in her designs.

Need some relief from the sunshine? These bamboo sunglasses are just what you need. Made by Wood Wear Sunglasses

Here is a great idea…recycled bike tire belt! Made by Julien Jaborska

Another great use of recycled leather is this pretty cuff by Rainwheel

And lastly an usual cocktail hat made from recycled fabrics by Millinerium whose designs have an emphasis on sustainability. J’adore!

It’s not always easy looking for gifts on Etsy, but I try to find sellers who have the same ideals and beliefs about the environment and try to find unique and one-of-a-kind items. As Etsy continues to grow and is unable to really govern and vet the people selling “handmade” its important to have conversations with the sellers to determine what their practice is, where they source their materials, and if they are truly making it themselves as opposed to having their designs produced by someone else. Until the next handmade marketplace comes in and succeeds in really offering only the best to its customers, Etsy will just have to do.



  1. dalzellphoto

    Etsy was always a pain for me to sell on, I did sell some and I really loved the community but I had to move to other websites because of the big competition.

      • dalzellphoto

        I’ve moved some design and photography work of mine to It’s mainly a graphic design site but I’ve managed to sell a few photography pieces, not huge but it’s still cash I didn’t have before. It’s a bunch different than Etsy, not the same community at all. I’m thinking about returning to Etsy but it’s a very niche photography community and I don’t think my style matches it very well.

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