Father’s Day gift ideas, secret underground rivers, and beautiful light art to start off the week

In six days we celebrate Father’s Day so here are some eco gifty ideas.
Feelgoodz Cinnaflopz sandals made from natural hemp, rubber and cinnamon to promote circulation and concentration.

Klean Kanteen Insulated 160x container is just the thing to keep your drink hot for hours. BPA-free and stainless steel to keep your water fresh and clean.

And for the dad that doesn’t want another gadget lying around the “Adopt a Coral Reef” is an excellent choice from the Nature Conservancy

Photographer and explorer Steve Duncan takes us below to discover Undercities beautiful and unusual views.

Gorgeous no?

This garden is inspiring and reminds me of fireflies in the twilight. Designed by Bruce Munro and installation artist for the Longwood Gardens

Definitely check out his other lighting designs, his imagination is so wonderful to see.

Other clicky-links to follow:

Melted Manga by a Japanese art collective Three Studios.

Simply amazing summertime flower paradise at Hitachi Seaside Park

The Secret is out with this new sci-fi restaurant complete with androids

Exploding Bellevue Hall by Min Jeong Seo made from styrofoam

And some beautiful street art by Phlegm “Waterways”


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