Fashion Friday: Tokyo

Harajuku is both a style and a location where young Japanese people go to socialize and dress in fantastic outfits in gothic lolita, visual kei and decora as well as cosplay. A mixture of current and traditional trends that blend together to become its own style of street fashion.

There are thousands of magazines devoted to Tokyo street fashion, but the best place to keep up with the newest trends is online where new photos pour in daily. In fact, by the time you are reading this the fashionistas will have moved onto something else entirely. I really adore the crazy patterns and fabulous shoes these people come up with.

Another style and location is Shibuya the epicenter where youth and fashion meet. Shibuya 109 is a building located near the station and has shops catering to the teens and young people. In fact much of the area near and around Harajuku and Shibuya cater to the fashion-conscious with boutiques, used clothing stores, cafes etc….

Another location/style is Shinjuku, This phenomenon is in part because of the photographers who reflect their ideas back to them in this culture of immediate information. The young people see the trends and improve or redesign or incorporate their own style into their outfits. I love the mix of vintage style along with more modern cuts and colors. Hair and accessories are just as important and complete the look.

As quoted from wiki “The motives driving the pursuit of fashion in Japan are complex. Firstly, the relatively large disposable income available to Japanese youth is significant. Many argue this was made possible through youth living at home with their parents, reducing living expenses.  In addition, the emergence of a strong youth culture in the 1960s and 1970s that continues today (especially in the Harajuku district) drives much of the striving for new and different looks. The rise of consumerism to an important part of the “national character” of Japan during the economic boom of the 1980s and even after the bubble burst also contributes to the pursuit of fashion. These factors result in swift turnover and variability in styles popular at any one time.”

Someday I will go there and see the phenomenon for myself, but until then I will satisfy my curiosity with blogs like this one or this


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