Bee house skyscrapers, dresses made from light, and polar ice to kick off the week of Summer Solstice

Elevator B[ee] was created by Hive City to mimic the long abandoned site of the grain mills of Silo City in Buffalo, NY. Designed to let the beekeepers tend the bees by lowering the hive installed inside it also keeps them warm and safe.

The panels on the tower are oriented to protect the hive and visitors from the wind, allow for solar gain and shading, and to grant viewing of the cab from outside the tower.

Textiles from photons? Atton Conrad a photographer from London has created these beautiful dresses using a technique known as painting with light a combination of long exposure and a light source like a flashlight.

His way of sculpting these images takes such fine control and a wonderful imagination. Taking the concept of “The Emperors’ Clothes” to a whole new level.

Garments of pure fluorescence?  Delicious

This week is the official start of summer and as we head into a real scorcher of a season these adorable and sad polar bear and penguin ice cubes help remind us that climate change is here and real.

Designed by Hayashi Atsuhiro to gradually melt away mimicking a real-life scenario that many arctic animals are currently facing.

The silicone molds are made in Japan and are safe to use with food. Spoon and Tamago are having a Flash Sale right now for products not available in the US. Starting today you can get these molds from them, they ship out 7.2.12

More fun clicky links this week:

A series of night time photographs documenting man-made structures found at public beaches.

Stunning star trail photographs from the International Space Station

Get your tickets for a hilarious exhibit by David Shrigley at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF

Gorgeous outdoor light sculptures by Luzinterruptus from Madrid to highlight issues in the city.

Something to tickle your fancy by the Finnish art duo Mrs. Katriina Haikala and Mrs. Vilma Metteri

Check out these surreal and dreamy portraits by Oleg Oprisco

Until next Monday, have a lovely Summer Solstice!


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