Pinterest: typography and design

What is Pinterest? A virtual pinboard that allows you to organize and share “things” you find all over the internet. These could be anything from photos, whole blogs, videos news stories etc. 80% of users are women and most are between the ages of 18-44 years old. It’s addictive because its so easy to use, view, share and most of all….I don’t have to remember the names or websites of what I’ve seen, because its saved for me as soon as I click “Pin It”

Though a lot of the “things” pinned are photos of beautiful home designs, wedding paraphernalia, food blogs, and millions of shoes there are some good artists that play with words who end up on collector’s boards and I wanted to share some I’ve seen Pinned.

Let Your Mind Go Free | Designer: Bernardo Neves  Found on Chad Syme’s board.

This must be the place by Julene Harrison. Found on Stephanie Bracelin

Interactive Save the Dates Found on Kelly Anderson’s board.

Point Point Point Found on Magali Garcia’s board.

Found on Mark Loresto’s board.

Made by noodlehug Found on Madeline Tompkins’s board.

Ink Calendar designed by Oscar Diaz. Found on My Little Fabric’s board.

 Retro poster design by Dirk Petzold. Found on Hiroyuki Oyama’s board.

Breathe by Sudio8 Design. Found on Beautiful Misc’s board.

Sometimes Pinterest can be annoying in that the original artist is no longer linked to the art work since it’s been re-shared so many times. I once tried to follow a photo I liked back to the original, and ended up completely lost in people’s pins. Sometimes the image is uploaded without any website links it was pulled from….whenever I post a pin I try to make sure that it has a related and up to date link back to the blog I got it or the artists own personal website. Not always easy to do, but it helps me remember that someone made it, that it didn’t just come from nowhere


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