Monday Montage: Upcycled sculptures, cool camping designs, and amazing street art

Wang Zhiyuan has created a tornado of recycled plastic containers that rises 36 feet high to highlight the prevalence of trash in his hometown of Beijing.

Amazing no? How about these beautiful glowing fish sculptures that appear to be jumping out of the sand. Made from clear recycled plastic bottles, they are lit with LED’s to illuminate the importance of recycling for marine wildlife. Designed for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

 I really like these tree tents designed by Dre Wapenaar for the protection of trees as activists could stay in them safely while protesting.

How cool is this solar powered VW bus? Designed by Verdier Van & Camper this eco-RV is based on a classic VW Westfalia that has been upgraded with a hybrid engine, solar panels and other green elements.

This type of 3D street art always trips me out, but the perspective trick is so well done here. Created by Edgar Mueller.

And my favorite street artist Banksy had done this graffiti art in San Francisco earlier this year. Photo by Thomas Hawk

Here are more clicky links for this week:

A delicious party idea: Create your own Banh Mi sandwich.

‘A Starry Night’ video made from 7,067 falling dominoes.

Amazing shadow origami from Kumi Yamashita

Manufactured objects wrapped in jute = a Savage Chair

Another fun party idea….smores bar!

Gorgeous flower mandalas by Kathy Klein to drool over.

I’d love to see Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay –18 giant solar powered “supertrees” in person.


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