Spotlight on: Daniel Clowes

At the Oakland Museum of CA there is an exhibit of Daniel Clowes the modern cartoonist who coincidentally also lives in Oakland. My partner and I went to see the retrospective last Friday and read many story boards and snippets of his work over the years. One of my favorites was his series
 about a man who loves his dog and possibly no one else. He reminds me a little of Louis CK

Daniel Clowes is well known for his book Ghost World a story of two best friends facing the prospect of growing up and apart which was later made into a movie starring Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson.

Another comic of his I liked was Death Ray a coming of age story of an adolescent superhero.

Besides his graphic novels he also does illustrations for the front cover of the New Yorker Magazine from time to time. They are like juxtapositions, and really make one stop and think…hmmmmm

Friday July 27th he is going to be  with Chris Ware at the James Moore Theater to talk about the relationship of comics to fine art among other things 7-8:30pm. The exhibit is until Aug 12th, 2012.


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  1. Lea Beck

    This exhibit at Oakland Museum was super entertaining! There are several comic pages enlarged on display, so we just took our time and read them all. He has a very interesting sense of humor; satire, sarcasm and its kinda dark. “Art School Confidential” was my favorite. I enjoyed “Wilson” a lot too! Probably wouldn’t take my grandma to see this exhibit as there is plenty of offensive opinions, foul language and air of sexual desperation in the stories. He is not afraid to create realistic characters who represent some of the shadows of society.

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