Monday Montage: Balloon art, underwater photography, and inflatable pod buildings

The artist Myeongbeom Kim has some of the most amazing sculptures and I’ve shared my favorites below. His sense of fantasy and whimsy is what I love the most about his work.

This next sculpture reminds of the spirit of the forest from Princess Mononoke

My newest obsession is with these underwater images from Clione, a beautiful and stunning portal into the underseas. Are they aliens from another planet?

I would love to have these inflatable domes for my next camping trip. Designed by Casa Bubble House for a maximum of pleasure and minimul materials and energy needs. Not much privacy, but can’t argue the views are amazing.

Here are more clicky-links of what I like this week:

“We wag our asses and talk to one another.” – Isabella Rosellini’s new educational video for Burt’s Bees

Lia Halloran’s gorgeous line photography made with light and skateboarders

Surreal images of the forests in Romania by PhotoCosma

Clothing that changes color? Dahea Sun’s garments use dyes that are sensitive to the pH of water.

Check out this luxury floating solar powered home by Orsos Islands.

Mind bending time lapse photography from the Australian outback by Lincoln Harrison


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