The art of Stationary

In this digital world its almost archaic to send someone a letter or postcard by snail mail. Post box what’s that? Unless its for a truly outrageous party or wedding, invitations are usually done via text or email. And yet it is because of how immediate we can get in touch with someone that makes it so much more special to send a correspondence by hand. The time, effort and $$ to make and send a letter is just as thoughtful as the message. Below are some of my favorite types of stationary, and I threw in a couple “save the dates” just for funsies.

Starting with a “leaf letter” created by Eding:Post this beautiful stationary takes the relatioship between man and nature to a whole new level.

Another wonderful idea are these wooden postcards that can be built into little animals. So adorable! They are available here

Here is a great idea to keep your stationary organized. Love the vintage feel.

Another great idea for upcycling old books into note cards, with a dash of paper cut-out to make it really sweet.

If those are too large, then I have just the thing….tiny cards! by Leafcutter Designs so freaking adorable.

Here’s a crafty project, origami save the dates.

Lastly, finishing the note with a seal or other detail is what makes it unique. The beautiful stamps and calligraphy don’t hurt either.

Whatever your style, putting slightly more effort into your post will create a lasting memory and possibly a work of art.


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