Monday Montage: Whimsical fashion, beauty and art to kick off the week

Today is all about whimsy and fantasy and I am starting with a couple examples of  The Hellers look book for 2012, their fun outfits are perfect for summer. Created by siblings Dania and Yoram Heller they are based out of Tel Aviv and L.A.

Luccica is a Japanese company that specializes in women’s jewelry and their newest creation is an adorable “peanut” where the shell is gold-coated around the pearl “nut”.

Next up is a cheap lo-fi way to get some color into your summer do’s. Rubbing Sennelier soft chalk pastels into your hair will make bright temporary streaks that will last a few days or until the next washing. A fabulous non-committal new style, and its safe from harmful toxins and chemicals. Warning: can be messy!

I am loving this futuristic shoot for the Dubai fashion brand “Splash” by photographer Tejal Patni. Gorgeous colors and such a fantastical imagination!

More fun clicky-links:

Want more splashy color explosions in your life? Then see the incredible high-speed photography of Peter Schafrick here!

Nothing is more soothing than the sound of rain, and this installation in the Changi Airport Singapore is just beautiful.

Newest trend in animated gifs are ones that make your eyes spin like these from rrrrrrrroll_gif or these  from director Kevin B Parry

The tiny installations by Slinkachu put a new perspective on our world.

Amazing photos of a supercell storm over the High Plains by photographer Camille Seaman


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