Dreaming of a fast future – electric cars, bullet trains and space tourism

There are now a few types of all electric vehicles to choose from on the market now, and most recently Nissan’s LEAF has created a stretch limo for the Embassy Suites in Nashville to shuttle their guests around in. Maybe not the prettiest looking limo on the streets it is however a great way to introduce people to the idea of a quiet and energy-efficient ride.

The original LEAF car can get upto 100 miles per charge which is fantastic for commuters, though perhaps not so great for long road trips.

Long have Californians dreamed of a “bullet train” similar to those in Asia that could take people quickly from one end to the other. Tesla Motos CEO Elon Musk has plans for a new green vehicle dubbed “Hyperloop” that would go from SF –> LA in 30 minutes. and would be solar powered.

Cheaper than an airline ticket and half the time, the idea is exciting though no idea what it would look like, how long it would take to get it built etc. Still, its fun to dream!

Virgin Galactic is another company that dreams big and with their Space Ship Two  which is currently coming to the end of its testing phase and will be ready for commercial use next year, is the workhorse of the space tourism fleet. There could be an impact on climate change since each flight would omit large amounts of carbon soot into the atmosphere, but no conclusive studies or evidence have yet been done and only time will tell.

More fun clicky-links for this week:

Dreamlike photographs of Indonesia by Hengki Koentjoro will get you looking for travel tickets.

A sneak peak at Patrick Trefz’s new book Surfers Blood about “mankind’s intimate connection with the badass energy and beauty of nature”

Gorgeous night photography by Benoit Paille, his Illuminated landscapes series are truly remarkable.

A beautiful and romantic gesture from a British farmer to his late wife in the form of a heart-shaped oak tree grove.

Keisuke Tanaka’s carved miniature landscapes are just amazing.

Read here about a 16-year-old Egyptian teenager who has found a way to turn plastic waste into biofuel!

Mystery “Yarn Bomber” has attached a 150-ft Olympic themed scarf to a pier in North Yorkshire complete with tiny athletes.


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