Creative Sculptural Designs and fun gift ideas

All of the following designs tickle my fancy and are so creative. First up is this amazing anthro chair by Merve Kahraman which combines the human with the chair to create a surreal “parahuman”.

Next up are these beautiful salvaged wood lamp sculptures by Marco Steanelli which combines wood scraps with LED’s embedded in resin. The larger pieces could be used as stools or end tables, so pretty.

I am loving this crazy chair-bench combo by German designer Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz

I’m not usually one for keeping fish as pets, but this condo fish-cube by Umbra may just change my mind.

He’s no fool. Mr. Tea infuser is an adorable tea-time companion. Load his little silicon pants and perch him in your cup to brew.

This middle finger candle was designed by Brooklyn-based Japanese artist Nao Matsumoto  The candles were originally used to protest the use of nuclear energy in Japan on the anniversary of the tsunami. You can read more about the protest HERE


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