Amazing Interactive Art

Sometimes viewing art is not enough and the spectator becomes a participant instead. One of the things I love about Burning Man is the opportunity to not just view the artwork, but to play and it is my inspiration for this post.

First up is Water Light Graffiti a moisture-sensitive surface embedded with LED’s that creates illuminated images. Created by Antonin Fourneau in collaboration with Digitalarti Artlab this art piece relies on the participant to “paint” with moisture.

Artist Beili Liu had an interactive art installation called The Mending Project where she sat beneath of hundreds of Chinese scissors suspended from the ceiling, pointing downwards. The hovering, massive cloud of scissors alludes to distant fear, looming violence and worrisome uncertainty.

 The overwhelming situation presented in The Mending Project is balanced and softened by the silent persistence of a simple mending action. The large quantity and intense force of the scissors elevate the confrontation between the objects and the performer. The installation/performance evokes urgency, concern, and fear, while simultaneously influence viewers through the calming and healing aura of the mending action.

What happens when you give thousands of stickers to kids? At the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art Yayoi-Kusama has made a simple yet fun installation involving a blank “canvas” and colorful dots stickers. The rest is history.

This last interactive piece can be done from home. A 360-degree panorama of the Curiosity’s landing site on Mars. Click on the photo below to play around!


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