Flickr Finds: Dust Storms

Last year’s Burning Man had the best weather I’ve ever experienced. Not too windy or hot, and a very flat playa to bike around on. This year seems to be a complete 180 and in anticipation of amazing heat, dust storms, and “playa dunes” to get stuck in I bring you some epic photos from flickr. Some of these are from the Black Rock desert, and some are from all over the world. Nature is crazy ain’t she?

Kuwait -Al-Sarrayat Sandstorm by Lucie Debelkova

Flying Sharks 2011- by Dust to Ashes

dusty elin by sgoralnick

Rainbow during a dust storm by Brock Whittaker Photography

Kites Ballet by Dust to Ashes

Sandstorm in Riyadh by Peter Arthold

Sandstorm by Stephen Geyer

Phoenix dust storm by Daniel Bryant

Moebius by Frederic Poirot

Sandstorm Namibia, Africa by Krieger Conradt


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