Monday Montage: A lightbulb cloud, hand dyed dresses, and dew covered bugs!

So many things caught my eye last week its hard to know which ones I like best! First up is this incredible light sculpture by Caitlind r.c. Brown

An interactive installation made with 1,000 light bulbs with chains. The participants pull the chains turning the lights on and off simulating an electrical storm.

Leanne Marshall has created some beautiful sculpted bridal dresses that she hand-dyes herself. Her inspiration came from a trip to France where she had taken many photos of cabbage plants.

Her designs are so feminine and pretty, but she also has an amazing sense of space in her creations.

Macro photographs of insects are nothing new, but these subjects captured by David Chambon are covered in water droplets make them seem even more beautiful and alien.

More fun clicky links:

Swiss company Atelier XJC are pushing the boundaries on jewelry and accessories design

Musician David Bryne was asked to design his own bike rack and this  typographic sculpture is what he came up with.

Jozef Mrva has created some wicked cardboard masks

Photographer Charlie Campbell has created some stunning landscape shots in her spare time.

Check out these fun musical light swings on the streets of Montreal.

Artist Adam S. Doyle has painted the gorgeous birds.

And last but not least are these amazing colored thread installations by Gabriel Dawe


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