Beautiful Interiors: Lighting Design

Natural light is always the easiest way to make a room look beautiful, but when that isn’t available it can be tricky to make a space look comfortable. At night this is especially true and I have looked around for some examples of “good” lighting design, or at least something interesting and out of the ordinary.

Beside the brilliant red that makes this bathroom so romantic, that chandelier is simply amazing.

So much to love in this highly detailed bedroom! From the pretty globe lamps, to the square shaped LED’s shining through the floor to the wall cove lighitng….just delicious.

I am a fan of unusual hanging fixtures, and these glass chandeliers are really pretty in this modern dining room with cove lighting near the ceiling.

These wall fixtures can be placed anywhere, and I am digging the abstract pattern it makes with the lights.

Again the use of unusual chandeliers in this sleek kitchen are really making a lovely even light.

The globe table lamps are very creative and I like how simple this room is.

How fun is the lighting in this living room? Not only does the modern red and grey color scheme pop, but the ceiling cove and wall lighting help accentuate the overall repeating lines.

A more traditional kitchen lighting scheme, but effective nonetheless with the extra drop fixtures over the breakfast bar to really highlight and illuminate the expansive¬†counter tops…very jealous!

The view notwithstanding, this bathroom has some gorgeous details with the “star” ceiling and glowing tub that looks oh so inviting!

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