DIY Halloween Costumes for Men

Following up on last week’s post about DIY Halloween costumes for Women I know that men are not as likely to dress up as the ladies are for Halloween, but with a little creativity and ingenuity it can be easy to pull together a costume and be as festive as the rest of us.

One of my favorite non-historical genres is Steampunk, and there are so many great pieces to make or find to create this look. The combinations are up to you.

Too much thinking involved for Steampunk, and want to throw something on? A super quick, fun and comfortable costume is Lebowski. Bathrobe, sunglasses, white russian, and some crazy hair is all you need.

If you want to be a little more polished than perhaps Gomez from The Addams Family is a perfect choice. Fairly simple if you have a nice black striped suit, fake mustache and a cigar handy….

Helps of course if your partner wants to be Morticia, or your daughter wants to be Wednesday to really sell the character.

Another easy to throw together outfit would be a Mad Men inspired suit with whiskey glass….hat or briefcase optional.

The Walking Dead has made zombies cool again. With a tiny bit more effort and some stage makeup you can create a quick Zombie costume, which combined with some quirky props can make it even more interesting.

Another costume that can be thrown together from clothes already in your closet would be the classic Clown.

But with a little more creativity, a prop or two and some makeup it can be just a bit sadder.

There isn’t really a “slutty” category for the guys. Just pervy like these. So I feel the men need a little more slack and sometimes the simpler the costume the more effective.




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