Beautiful Interiors: The “Nook”

Some houses and apartments have an extra space often referred to as a “nook”. It’s a space not quite large enough for a bedroom, and it usually has an open doorway so its not a good space for storage of boxes, but it is a great space for a variety of uses.

A lot of these areas are just off the kitchen and are referred to as” breakfast nooks”. Not quite large enough for a dining table, but definitely enough space for a table for a more casual eating experience.



Sometimes the space is not much bigger than a closet, but people get inventive and can create a small home office in it.



A wonderful use of this space is for a craft or sewing corner.



And finally my favorite term and use of this space, the “book nook”. What I love is that it could be any shape and size to be referred to as a nook!



However you use this space, it is a valuable part of the home, and I am always delighted when I find a house or apartment that has such a sweet spot. Sometimes I think its just as important if not more so than an extra closet.




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