Monday Montage: Umbrellas explode, night photography and beautiful architecture in Beijing to start off the week

Anna Burns and Thomas Brown’s new work “Pop Bang” is a mix of film photography and pyrotechnics. At first glance its pretty campy and similar to a B-movie, but that’s just part of the aesthetic. A fun watch, and beautifully shot.

Next are the luminous photos of Mikko Lagerstedt from Finland. His images from his newest series Edge are eerie, unsettling, and just beautiful.

Zaha Hadid’s new Beijng development Galaxy Soho is futuristic with amazing curving lines and beautifully lit.

“The natural rhythms and flows of the city, of the environment and of the people have been integrated within the design to define its formal composition.”

More fun clicky-links:

Vanessa Marsh’s multi-layered silhouette photographs are simply stunning.

Extraordinary paper art by Sharon Arnold

A seriously crazy video by Eli Roth of Snoop Lion is born!

Loving this flexible USB charger for phones which also doubles as a tripod.

See hedges in a whole new light in photos by Ed Phillips.

I scream, you scream we all scream for…ice cream!



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