Part 1 DIY Holiday Gifts: Paper

For the past few years I have given a small desk calendar as gifts to the people in my life. It is made up of my favorite dozen photos that I’ve taken on trips from the year and has always been well received. I find that this “everyone gets the same thing” approach is very efficient and the fact that its something practical is what makes people look forward to it every Christmas.
Money is tight for people still, and these are some cost-effective ways of still showing love for those around you. Below are some of my favorite paper inspired DIY gift ideas for this year.

1. Bookbinding: journal or notebook

Click here for the tutorial on how to make this  leather journal.
Or here for this bookbinding tutorial

2. Paper mache bowls

I am loving these gold leaf paper bowls. You can check out the tutorial here

3. Origami jewelry

This is so pretty and with minimal materials you can create some really unique pieces. Click here for the tutorial on the fan necklace, or here for the earrings below.
To make them more permanent use this tutorial for a polycrylic finish.

4. Chistmas Crackers

Tutorial link here or here for making your own traditional crackers, just fill with candies or other treats.

5. Make your own paper

For those of you who have more time and love of getting their hands messy this tutorial for making your own recycled paper should be right up your alley. Use the sheets to wrap gifts, make a journal book, or just give to those who love stationary.
Every week I will be posting a new blog on DIY gift ideas. Stay tuned for Part 2: Gifts in a jar!

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