Monday Montage: Video animation, stop motion, and projection

I am loving these cloned animated gifs by Erdal Inci

self in front of Laleli Fountain, Galata 2012

velocity experiment 2012

runner on the cliff , 2009. performed by Ogun Kekul.  video version :
Cambodian Trees is a digital projection work by French artist Clement Briend who traveled to Cambodia and projected images of deities and spirits onto the trees and landscapes transforming them into ephemeral sculptures.

These cardboard cutout stop animations are really clever. These two shorts were created by Roger Wieland using video stills transferred to cardboard cutouts that were then animated on location.

More clicky-links below:

A 170-foot trampoline in a Russian Forest!? Awesome sauce

Thousands of white balloons make up this gorgeous installation byWilliam Forsythe



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