Photo shoot with Ashlee (Model) and Tamara Locke (MUA)

Ashlee was looking for a photographer to collaborate with her on creating images for her portfolio. We met about a week before the actual day of the shoot and brain stormed ideas of what the theme should be. We started a Pinterst board with ideas of doing a high fashion shoot in nature and also in a downtown urban environment. You can view that board here.


We also wanted to incorporate dramatic makeup and we searched around till we found Tamara Locke who was able to create the look you see below. Ashlee also wanted to use feathers on her hands to highlight their uniqueness.

Ashlee is also a photographer who wanted to be in front of the lens practicing body poses, facial expressions and gaining experience for directing. It was really great to work with her and I also gained so much experience with working to create an image that was not necessarily going to be used for print, but just as a fun project.

We started at the Woodminster Cascades in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland where there was a lot of beautiful trees and surrounding grassy areas. I loved the juxtoposition of the fancy dress in the nature scene, to me it was a good step to being a high fashion shot.

We then moved to dowtown Oakland and shot around the Cathedral of Christ of the Light building next to Lake Merritt. The light was so pretty with the setting sun, very golden and warm.

This whole experience opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new way of creating images. Working with a model, a makeup artist and shooting not for a personal portrait, but something more fantasy was really exciting and I have been hooked ever since. I have now set myself a goal to shoot at least once a week something new and to work with many more models to create fun high fashion images. Pinterest has been key in helping me gather ideas and to be inspired. This summer is going to be fun!


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