Photo shoot with Bianca – Costume designer

I am a member of Model Mayhem and one nice feature of the social media site is that I am able to send out a “Casting Call” which is basically an internal ad calling for models, MUA’s (make up artists), and anyone else in the industry that I may want to work with.  This could be a paid gig offered, or what is is also known as “TFP” or trade for photos which is a great way for beginners to gain experience and create a strong portfolio for submitting to real paid jobs. It’s really useful to see who is in your area and a nice way to connect with others who want the same thing you do….exposure and an opportunity to show case your work.

After my experience photographing Ashlee I wanted to continue working with models on more personal projects. I created a casting call on my Model Mayhem page and used two Pinterest boards to help the models see what style and look I was interested in creating. One was for a high fashion shoot in the woods, and the other was for a high fashion shoot in a downtown area.

Pinterest is described as a visual discovery  tool and it has become very popular among women of all ages (70% of users) who  contribute to the popular categories of food & drink, DIY & crafts, women’s apparel, home decor, and travel. Basically when you see see an image and want to include it with similar looks you can add them to a Pinterest “board” by adding the URL. Oftentimes bloggers and websites will have widgets to allow a reader to Pin an image directly from their site, thereby making it even easier to make collections or boards.

Several models contacted me interested in participating in one or the other of these two shoots and the first who I scheduled was Bianca. She wasn’t a typical model looking to add to her portfolio, but rather she was interested in trying  modeling for the first time. I had gone back and forth with her through email narrowing down the date, time and location we chose was the Wood Line in the Presidio of San Francisco. Unfortunately the evening I chose also coincided with a film crew who had arrived at the same time I did and so I had to change the location quickly. I chose to meet her at the De Young and I had scoped out a small Redwood Grove right next to it that was perfect for the theme. Another set back was that she was running an hour late and we were losing the light quickly. I am happy with one or two of the images that came from that shoot, but ultimately I gained even more experience working with my off camera flash unit and interacting with a model I had never met before.

Bianca was interesting to work with as she took direction very well in regards to creating shapes with her body, and also willing to clamber up and around a tree for me.

We both agreed after viewing all the images that she could have done more expressions with her face, but for her first time in front of the camera I’d say it was a really great shoot. Click here to view my favorites from that day.


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