Woods Fashion photo shoot with Alejandra

Alejandra is a beginning model who wanted to add to her portfolio and recently joined Model Mayhem. What is so interesting about her is that she is in school to get her psychology major and this is something she wanted to pursue for extra cash on the side and not a career she is working towards. That being said she is open to opportunities that allow for self-expression and creating images that have a message or portray an emotion. 

I was using the late afternoon sunlight as a hair highlight and an off camera flash for the main light in front. It was only my second time using this type of set up and I was pretty nervous about it. For 99% of the outdoor shoots I have done I use natural light only so this is a big switch for me, and quite a challenge technically.

She had brought a basket and I had this cute straw hat fascinator that worked well with it. I honestly think props can elevate a photograph if modeled in the correct way, but I am not entirely sure that we did this 100% in these images. I do however, love this close up on just her face with the hat.

All in all it was another good experience, and I wish her the best of luck in finishing college and booking more modeling jobs!


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