Woods Fashion shoot with Courtney Nicol

I had originally wanted to shoot in the redwood trees of Golden Gate park in San Francisco, but there was a large music festival going on so parking would be limited so we shifted north to the Presidio area instead and found beautiful pine and eucalyptus trees to work with.

Courtney Nicol met up with me a couple hours before sunset and we were using this board on Pinterest for inspiration. I brought red balloons and then tried to keep up with her as she climbed up tree branches, on giant logs, and through ivy.

Courtney is a beautiful young woman who was unafraid to get right into the scenery and play in it. I did manage to slip backwards at one point trying to get a shot and fell into some branches, just a few scratches and totally worth it!

She is very amazing with working her angles and still keeping her face serene. Loved this shoot so much.The light was getting more golden and I wanted to take a few more shots with the red balloons, this is right before the wind snatched them from her hands and flew away into the evening sky.

I know she will go far in her career and be successful and I wish her all the luck!




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