In the Woodline with Shelley

This was a serendipitous photo shoot where all the elements came into place perfectly with the location, model, weather and my own energy. I had wanted to shoot at Andy Goldswothy’s Woodline in the Presidio for some time now and on this lovely afternoon it was lit softly with enough fog to filter out the harsh sun. Shelley came up from Santa Cruz and with her very fair skin and hair she glowed in the wood scene like a ghost bride.

Shelley had an amazing way with her arms that was so graceful and the rest of her body would follow. She also was into jumping so that I could try to get a levitation shot, and I think it came out really nice.


She had also brought this fun wired twig “ribbon” that I wound around her shoulders and head along with a pearl necklace. I love styling and was so happy she’d brought some accessories to play with.

There’s something almost theatrical in her movements and poses that I was constantly trying to keep up with her as she moved from one to the next.


I loved how she could connect with the camera too in between posing and manage to keep some tension in her body at the same time. A very gifted young woman that I will be working with again on another fun theme soon!


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