At Lake Anza with Jesse Deol


In September I wanted to take advantage of the warm California weather and put out a casting call for a water theme on  Model Mayhem for Lake Anza in the Tilden regional park. Jesse Deol was the first model who was interested and we met up in the afternoon at the lake and walked to one of my favorite spots to shoot. Even though there is plenty of sunshine, I wanted to play with my flash units and try to balance it with the daylight.
Jesse has such beautiful long limbs and really knew how to use them to her advantage to create interesting shapes. The water itself wasn’t that chilly, but the breeze that kicked up made her very cold so we had to move fast to get through the session.

Her tan skin and dark hair were so complimentary to the dark green water I was so happy with how these next shots came out!

I am happy with a lot of the shots and even more so that she stuck it out as long as she could! No one ever said being a model was easy and water + mud doesn’t = glamour, but you’d never know how uncomfortable she was from these images. A couple more sessions for my water theme coming soon!



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