Ashley Spansel in the Redwood trees of Joaquin Miller Park

This was another woods themed photo shoot and on the same day we were scheduled to meet up Ashley Spansel asked if her boyfriend Chris could also come along and model with her. Since I had never done couple photography for fashion before I agreed and they met me up at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland where I had previously shot Alejandra back in July. Ashley and Chris are beautiful people and I had a lot of opportunity to play with poses and composition with them both.

I also wanted to get a images of just Ashley and it was such a pleasure to work with her. She really knew how to move and her style was so on trend! I loved all the clothes and accessories she brought to the shoot.



I did have my flash units thankfully since it’s always so dark in the woods once the sun goes behind the trees, but since I’m still beginner with them I don’t think I utilized them as well as I should. A lot of my images came out darker than I wanted. This one below had gorgeous late afternoon sunlight to help back light it though.

15015051739_7dbb3686a2_zI probably bit off more than I could chew with working with two people at once, but it was a positive experience regardless. I will work with a male model again soon, but another couples shoot will need to wait until I am more confident in my abilities!






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