Lake Anza Take II with Emily

This is the second time I shot at Lake Anza for my water theme and Emily H joined me for an afternoon in the sun and mud. After my session with Jesse Deol I warned Emily that it would be chilly and that there would be sitting in the mud, but she was just fine with that. Fortunately it was a warmer day and we were able to shoot for a solid two hours to get some fun imaginative shots. She was so great with picking up lake weeds and posing in the water with them. I’m not sure where I was going with this direction, but it was interesting to me to explore a more surreal pose.

She wasn’t interested in getting her hair wet so I had her pull it up into a bun and we tried some splashing shots while she was sitting in the pool of light.

I love this other surreal pose of her sitting behind the lake grass. Again, she gives a strange vibe to the shot that came out interesting to me as you can see her eyes looking at something in the distance. Throughout the shoot Emily moved with purpose and had really strong shapes she’d do with her long limbs. Every time I shoot I gain more experience working with models and I am happy to have met her 🙂



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