Ocean theme with Shelley

I knew I wanted to work with Shelley again after our first session at the Woodline in San Francisco so we scheduled a shoot when I would be down in Santa Cruz (her home base) on a weekend. I chose Panther Beach based on Google images of the cool rock formations and for the fact that it wasn’t a popular beach for tourists. We met up early in the morning and once again the fog blessed us with its presence and I had amazing soft light to play with.

We had gone back and forth on what wardrobe to bring and this pretty peacock dress was the first outfit that we started with. Shelley climbed up on the rock cliff and had the feathers in one hand, it is one of my favorite images of the day, so elegant!

I really wanted the ocean spray behind her, but since it was extremely cold and shocking once it hit her bare skin I only got a few chances. There’s maybe too much tension in this shot, but I still like it. The one below is much softer and my second favorite of the whole series.

These next two you can see she is more calm in the face, but I had the shutter speed a little too slow. I didn’t want it to be that blurry.

I love this vertical shot with her next to the colors of the amazing cliff face. Looks like she is a lost gypsy!

With this last look the sun came out making it a little harsher, but I really did love shooting on that beach and working with Shelley again was a dream. She is always so willing to get right into character and so eager to get in the water too. I would definitely collaborate with her again as she always has such great ideas.



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