River shoot with Holly Mayer

On the same day I was in Santa Cruz shooting with Shelley I met up with Holly Mayer later in the afternoon to do a fashion shoot in the river. I did a little scouting and found a great place a little ways north of the Santa Cruz Memorial in the San Lorenzo river. Since the drought was still going strong there wasn’t that much water, but it was enough to play in.

I loved the shapes she made as well as her willingness to get in the chilly water! Thankfully the sun was out in full force so she could get warm when we did a wardrobe change.

I asked her to bend and this is her as “spider woman”. Bending her legs and arms at such odd angles it came out stranger than I thought, but I kinda like it. Not really fashion, but still fun. 

I really liked her facial expression here, and I also wrapped the twigs around her that I got from a Michael’s craft store. 

Here she is as a dryad in her tree. Another fearless young woman who liked climbing into trees! I learned my lesson though with Courtney (scratching myself on branches), and didn’t climb anything to follow her.


I had burned a lot of energy in the morning with Shelley, but Holly brought a lot of enthusiasm and was an interesting person to work with so I didn’t feel tired at all the whole time we were shooting. The whole day was a success and I had a lot of editing to do that week!


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