Lake Anza Take III with Erica


For my third attempt at a fashion shoot in Lake Anza I collaborated with Erica who also brought along her friend who helped her with makeup and hair. This first look we made her into a “fall goddess” by twining a wreath in her hair to go along with her burgundy dress. It came out really nice, though the lighting was harsher than I intended.

For this second look we went more Grecian goddess and I had her pose on the shore next to trees. This flowy dress was so perfect and Erica is very graceful with her arms too.


For the last look we went full “mermaid” with seashells glued to her forehead. I loved that pretty sequin “shell” bra that went so perfectly with the water theme. She has a very strong look with the tattoo across her chest and died hair, but it went together well.


Erica was not squeamish about getting into the mud and water, and we had a great session in the warm afternoon at the lake. 


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