Lake Anza fashion shoot with VisionAiry Balloons

A very good friend of mine Lea Beck is the owner and creative genius behind VisionAiry balloons. About three years ago we had done a fun photo shoot for her family business The Balloon Man updating her personal photos and playing around with levitation shots and dressing up in pretty outfits.

And this year we wanted to push the idea of balloon couture as well as experiment with “levitating” over a lake. I booked two models and Lea spent the entire day before creating many “looks” for them to wear. One of the models cancelled on me the day before, which was aggravating since we’d spent a lot of time preparing and planning, but fortunately a I’d shot with Erica the week before and I on a hope and prayer I contacted her and as luck would have it she was available for the shoot on Sunday! Stressful few hours but it all worked out. First model of the day was Mio Hu below who was very graceful in her body movements and was very easy to work with. Lea had placed large helium balloons in the water that were anchored and could be moved around as needed.Crowned


I love this shot of her wearing the yellow squiggle tu-tu and bra top. So fun, bright and cheery, it makes me smile.

This next shot I had her stand on a stool in the water and later photo shopped it out and added a small splash. That umbrella was so cute, and the whole skirt had a lot going on in it.


This last “backpack” was a definite favorite as it looked like she could fly away at any moment. Working with Mio was a joy as she gave so many different facial expressions and was so game to climb up on rocks, stools, and branches!WindsweptFor the afternoon we had Erica join us and though Lea didn’t have anything made specifically for her body type, or hair color I think we made it all work in the end.

This amazing boa and top hat were spectacular and I could see the potential in such a dramatic design.

Here she is wearing the golden crown that Lea whipped up that morning. Probably one of my favorite pieces of them all. If Lea had more time she would have made something more specific for Erica to wear to compliment her hair and skin. Oh well next time! Here she is on a stool I later took out.Floating VisionLast but not least, Lea decided she wanted to get up and be a model as well. Those large balloons were a huge hit for anyone walking around Lake Anza that day with many people stopping to take photos and ask “what’s the occasion?” All we could say that it was “a personal project”, but in reality it was a dream made real.



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