Shooting in a heat wave with Erin

A new theme I am starting with this month is “Fall” and the board I have been using has a lot of images of women in coats, scarves and sweaters etc. So imagine my dismay when the weather decided to be pushing 90 in San Francisco on the day I was scheduled to shoot with Erin in the Botanical Gardens. I went over to Erins’ house while the makeup artist Anne LaPorte was there putting together her look and rummaged around in her closet to find wardrobe that would not be too heavy, yet still give the idea that the season was fall. Thankfully she had a lot to choose from and we headed off to the gardens and found some shade to start in!

Erin was a lot of fun to shoot with, and unafraid to get bendy and experiment with her angles. Her short hair was new to her and really made her neck look swan-like!

I had never shot at the Botanical Gardens before and so we wandered around from the Cloud Forest over to the Redwood Grove and changed her outfit to this beautiful flowy chiffon dress. I loved the movement from this shot and it was good that I had my flash unit since it was so dark in those thick trees. Fortunately the weather was cooling off and becoming a more comfortable 77 degrees by the time the sun was setting. We had walked north to the New Zealand gardens and switched to the final outfit. 

That leather jacket was so amazing, and with the setting sun behind her it was a very pretty golden light to work with.This was the second time I’ve used a makeup artist to help create a look and it so paid off. I loved what Anne did, and she was so efficient with her time as well! I will definitely call on her again for a future shoot. I also am coming back to these amazing gardens as there are so many spots to shoot in and FYI it’s free to San Francisco residents. Gorgeous and green, and best of all not crowded with people!




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