Fall fashion with Yazmin in the Botanical Gardens

For my second attempt at a fall fashion in the San Francisco botanical gardens I met up with Yazmin in the afternoon and we walked through various gardens trying out different outfits she’d brought and the head crowns I had made for a previous shoot.


Yazmin had a lot of personality and great energy for this shoot. I used my 580ex ii flash on camera with a diffuser to help fill in the dark shadows. I was able to get some interesting images and I love the one below with the sun flaring behind her as she flings her jacket around.

Aren’t those overalls adorable? For this next shot I had to bump up the strength of the flash since it was so dark in the redwood grove. 


Every time I go to the botanical gardens I see a new area I haven’t before. This small grove of birch trees was so perfect for my fall theme too. I like this pose Yazmin is doing, though her right hand could be more relaxed.


This last pose below with the birch trees and the fall crown I made was one of my favorites of the day. She has such a pretty soft expression on her face.



Yazmin is a talented model who I had a lot of fun with on this shoot and I would definitely work with her again in the future!



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