My morning shoot with Sasha in the Botanical Gardens




On a lovely sunshiny, but chilly Sunday I met up with model Sasha at the San Francisco botanical gardens for my third fall themed shoot. For the image below I used a fill flash and Sasha looks as though she is enjoying the warm sun despite the chill in the air.


I brought this black felt hat and it looked really cute on her with the outfits she had picked out. To me fall is all about layers with scarves, sweaters, jackets, socks, etc and of course…boots!


Another hat I brought was this super soft grey slouch beanie I found at Nordstrom Rack’s. It’s always dark in the redwood grove no matter how bright the sun and so I used a slower shutter speed with wide aperture, but thanks to my 85mm fixed lens it still looks sharp! 


I had Sasha pick up leaves and toss them in the air, but I was also shooting as she was collecting them and I think this image is so pretty and candid, but still gives the feeling that she’s modeling the sweater.


Back to the birch trees again and even though I have lots of images of her sitting and standing in the area, its this shot where she’s stretched out and moving around that I like the most. Sasha is an easy-going talented model who is from L.A. trying to make it here in the SF area where the opportunities are much smaller. She is working towards a career in TV and acting and I wish her all the luck!





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